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IMG_7926.JPGRight before my solo trip to Japan at the end of September I realized that I cannot go on in a healthy and lucky way without any profund spiritual and physical practice and remembered the good years when I practised different kinds of Yoga and learned many sorts of meditation.

I had some medical checks and started with breathing exercises and Hatha Yoga. I bought myself a booklet with the description of exercises recommended by Babaji and only when doing the first attempts I found out how stiff and weak my body had become. How important to start again!

Shortly after my decision, my youngest son, during his longer lasting stay at Malaysia, told me he would make a 10-day-Vipassana-Retreat anhd he did it. I am so happy that he found his was to mediation and this is a big extra motivation for me and i am very grateful for it. I could write a whole book about my former Yoga and meditation experiences… But it is the present experience that counts.

Since I practice regularly, my helath condition have improved a lot and I fee more calm and can get along better with my emotions. Very, very helpul these busy days.

Information about Vipassana: http://www.dhamma.org

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