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2019 was a difficult year for me and my family and I am glad it’s over. Symbolically, the begin of a new year is a big help for me to restart my “normal business” which means: creativity, socializing, cultural events and reports, traveling and spending a lot of time in nature.

My 40 days’ trip to Japan ended in November – and now it is January and I haven’t published the planned episodes about my Japan impressions, not even selected the most interesting photos.

Japan was great for me, just everything – although there were some really challenging situations. I was lucky to meet my old acquaintance again, my dear friend Madoka and some of her family members. We spent gorgeous ten days together. And I visited many places and did everything to use my precious time in the very best way,


My expectations concerning the meditation camp (see my last article) were not fulfilled, on the other side. Sitting in silence for hours was nothing but a painful procedure for me and almost broke my heart. But this was up to me. The meditation course may be a fantastic experience for other people.

In my situation, it appeared it be absolutely “contraproductive” to stay. I felt worse than ever and decided to leave before ending in sickness and total despair. But why? This will be one of my stories!

But first of all – because I promised it – I will start story telling with my experience of an inspiring tea ceremony workshop in Asakusa and with my visit to a maid café in Akihabara.

It will still take time because I am still tied up with other projects.


One of my few culture projects last year was to interview the composer and musician Günther Schalk. The interview was held in German. But perhaps you would like to listen to some of Günther’s music samples…?

Schalk Musik http://www.schalkmusik.com

Music samples: https://www.schalkmusik.com/musik-h%C3%B6ren/

Years ago, I composed some little pieces. I needed a special Christmas present for a special friend… for Paul. The idea to write a song for him came to my mind. I wrote lyerics in German, but also a text in English. When it came to writing sheet music, there was no doubt that I would not write just one song, but two songs.

A Happy New Year 2019 to all of us!




Back to Yoga and Meditation


Right before my solo trip to Japan at the end of September I realized that I could not go on in a healthy and lucky way without any profund spiritual and physical practice.

I remembered the good years when I practised different kinds of Yoga and learned many sorts of meditation.

I had some medical checks and started with breathing exercises and Hatha Yoga. Then I bought myself a booklet with the description of exercises recommended by Babaji and only when doing the first attempts I found out how stiff and weak my body had become. How important to start again!

Shortly after my decision, my youngest son, during his longer lasting stay at Malaysia, told me he would make a 10-day-Vipassana-Retreat and he did it. I am so happy that he found his was to mediation and this is a big extra motivation for me and i am very grateful for it. I could write a whole book about my former Yoga and meditation experiences… But it is the present experience that counts.

Since I practice regularly, my health condition has improved a lot and I am feeling more calm, getting along better with my emotions. Very, very helpul these busy days…

Information about Vipassana: http://www.dhamma.org

Report of my son: http://steemit.com/travel/@yourmate/yourmatetravels-35-vipassana-an-experience-report-en

My Japan Travel Blog (mainly in English): http://visitingjapanesefriends.wordpress.com






My Japan blog & my Steemit blog

Here and then, I will quote a new article from my “Japan blog” and related pages.


I haven’t been to Japan yet. I decided to start reporting now, sharing my thoughts and preparations.


The Steemit community is still quite unknown. I registered and fell in love. It’s ideal for people all over the world who want to communicate.

This is my new blog on Steemit:



You can follow this link, read my articles and look at my photos, but you cannot vote for me unless you get your own account (which is free of costs). Just in case you want to try it, like me… 🙂