Christmas walk with lanterns

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We are the only people far and wide, who take a long nocturnal walk with lanterns on Christmas Eve.

Yes, our family has a penchant for nostalgia! It would be nice, we find, if such lantern migrations develop into a new custom. But most Austrian families are fond of gathering and celebrating in the warm hour on this feast day. We are just not “mainstram”!

There is something archaic and mystical about walking with lanterns through a settlement and through woods and meadows, as a modern person accustomed to LEDs, cell phones and flashlights. The two old lanterns were already at the house when it changed hands in 1983. They are used as decoration in the anteroom during the year and are used only once a year. On Christmas Eve.

Shortly after sunset, we left the house this evening at the evening and enjoyed the Christmas lights of our neighbors. We stopped for a minute at the renovated shelter, which so often served our children during school as weather protection. Although there had been some snow this year already, it was followed by mild temperatures. Also this evening it was only around zero degrees Celsius in the evening. Warm for this season!

The higher we climbed the mighty hills of our small settlement, the milder became the air. We fancied sensing southern flavors mixed with the smell of snow from the nearby mountains.

Everything was especially quiet. No animal sounds could be heard. There were hardly any sounds from vehicles. Our circular walk led us from the small scattered settlement out to meadows and fields. The grass around was slightly frozen.

We turned off to a forest, through which a forest path leads down into the valley. The crescent moon stood right in front of us in the sky, fringed by the trees to the left and right of the path. Like on the expressive pictures of the artist family Leiendecker, it went through my head. Enchanting.

The candle had to be exchanged for a lantern. I tried to imagine what it was like when our ancestors regularly had to use lanterns because there was no other lighting. Had my father’s grandparents once gone to this forest road at night?

In the silence, I remembered many old Christmas carols, of course, those we had always sung on Christmas Eve: the time-honored “O Tannenbaum” and the world-famous “Silent Night”, which originated in the province of Salzburg in Austria, to its emergence legends are entwined and something truly divine radiates from this music. It was a great moment when the composer Franz Xaver Gruber and the poet Josef Mohr launched this immortal song in 1854.

We left the forest with our faithful lanterns and felt that the air over the fields was much cooler. It went briskly past a dreamy inn and a few nicely decorated residential buildings and fields to the house.

We feasted on old custom with bratwurst, sauerkraut and festbock beer. For dessert, coffee, Christmas biscuits and a compote were waiting for us.

Next year again!

Because it’s just beautiful.